About Amy Bumgardner Jewelry

How it all started

In 2010, Amy Bumgardner started making jewelry as a hobby, like many art businesses. After looking into new, hands-on options, she purchased a small tool kit and some basic supplies. It all began with a simple pair of beaded earrings.

Growing up, Amy's mother, who was a vocations teacher, encouraged her creativity. Amy loved helping her set up ceramic and woodworking units for her students. Weekends during her ceramics unit, they would go in and fire the kiln and Amy would have the opportunity to throw a piece of her own or make a coil pot. Anything hands on caught her attention. Amy planned on being an architect when she graduated from high school. This is prevalent in many of her designs. Life changed and she started college several years later while raising a young child and working full time at her dad's land surveying business. Amy decided the smart decision would be a business degree and an office job. 

In 2010, Amy realized she needed to do something creative, even if it was just a hobby so she made a list of everything hands on that sounded interesting. She searched the internet for work-from-home ideas. Making jewelry was one of those ideas and she was instantly intrigued. Her first tool was a hammer her husband made in college and it was the best gift she could have ever imagined. The first piece of metal Amy hammered with it, she knew that was the direction she was headed.

A few years later, with her husband’s support and encouragement, Amy left her business job to focus on Phoenix Mountain Creations. It was the best decision of her life. Amy had finally found her passion.

Uniquely Handcrafted

Your jewelry is handmade, beginning from wire, sheet, or reclaimed silver scrap. Basic tools are used to shape, form and refine the designs. Each piece begins in Amy's studio at the base of Phoenix Mountain. Some pieces are carefully planned and others are spur of the moment. If any commercial components are used, this information is in the individual item description.

How it's made

Amy works with trusted suppliers to source sustainable materials when possible. All of the raw silver used in her designs is recycled. Most turquoise and cabochons are purchased from sellers that she has come to know and trust. The majority of her gemstones are sourced from a supplier who makes frequent visits to cutting centers to ensure fair wages and ethical treatment of the employees. These are all resources she has been relying on since the beginning and has faith in their transparency. 

As Amy Bumgardner Jewelry continues to grow, learning sustainable practices has become a top priority. Jewelry making has some harsh chemicals involved at times and Amy is constantly working to find better, safer solutions. Some designs will be phased out in the near future so she can work towards this goal of being more eco friendly.  

Your order will be carefully packaged for a pleasant aesthetic while attempting to keep packaging eco friendly when possible. Please recycle or reuse your packaging.

Find your perfect piece

Stay a while and see what jewelry speaks to you or come shop in person at the Ashe County Farmers Market in downtown West Jefferson, NC.